How Viva Recharge Works

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We're focused on giving you the absolute best top-up experience on the web. It's our main goal to guarantee you can send top-up as fast as conceivable to your friends and family around the world. The quicker you can send top-up, the quicker you can connect with those you care about.

We've been considering how we can improve the current M-Top-up web and application experience to guarantee you appreciate the best online top-up service accessible.We're launching these new features to help users to get the service more easily. We target to convey the quality of our purchasers across the world.

You'll get options to transfer your top-ups with a better experience of the M-Top-up application for your mobile devices.

What's going on?

  • New look and contemporary feel
  • Faster top-ups to your cherished ones
  • Easy sends and re-sends
  • Easier access to recent advancements

Our Site

We are launching new features to allow for a fresh experience. Once you send a top-up, it will be a Mobile Top-up you are familiar with and love. We've taken your opinion to make it more user friendly. Top-ups are faster and simpler, and in fewer options to help you along with your friends and family has never been easier.


To get it

The new application is accessible to everybody. If you've got auto-refreshes authorised on your mobile phone, the appliance can consequently reverse to the new type, you simply ought to log once again into your record to start.

You will get more updates on our site and app within the time and it will be easier and enhance the experience.